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How one family turned transplant into an opportunity to help others
Lachlan, transplant recipient
Mary and Jason know firsthand what watching a child battle for his life feels like. It feels like salt water running down cheeks and nights without sleep; like blinding hospital lights and anxiously tight hugs. For Mary and Jason, who recently started the post-transplant journey with their son, it also feels like an opportunity for good.

Read on to learn how these parents have turned the hardest experience of their lives into an opportunity to help others — an opportunity to save lives.

Does CAM hurt or help?
You may have heard about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) during your treatment and recovery and wondered if it’s right for you. The answer? It depends. From “all-natural” supplements and special diets to meditation, massage and more, CAM can take a lot of different forms. Some are generally safe, while others can hurt you. The risks are especially high when you have a weakened immune system, have graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) or are taking prescription medicines.

Before you try anything new, be sure to talk to your health care team. They can help you decide if CAM is safe or can harm you. Read on to learn more — what you find may surprise you.

Free mobile app helps you manage your care after transplant

New Guidelines-APP-in-phone.jpg

Even if you’re feeling well, your regular check-ups are very important to staying healthy. Our after-transplant care guidelines can help you get ready for your 6 month, 12 month and 2+ year appointments.
  • Access the guidelines anytime, anyplace
  • Know what to expect at your checkups
  • Make a list of tests and evaluations customized to your situation
  • Email information to yourself, or your health care team
The guidelines are available in mobile app, online or print. Access the after-transplant care guidelines.

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