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Oops... I forgot
Coping with chemo brain

Joette2 Joette Zola, OTR-L

If things just aren’t sticking in your brain like they did before transplant, you’re not alone. “Chemo brain” — the term often used to describe thinking and memory problems after transplant — is a common experience among people who have had chemotherapy. For most people, chemo brain doesn’t last long. But for others, it can last for months or years. Joette Zola, OTR-L, an occupational therapist with Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, part of Allina Health, offers tips for managing day-to-day despite those “oops, I forgot” moments.
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Chemo brain: Learn from other patients

Matt Insights Video image

“Chemo brain is very real; even now 6 years after treatment. You can make lists, and I make reminders on my calendar. So, you find ways to cope with it.” That’s just one piece of advice offered by Matt, a transplant recipient who’s dealt with chemo brain.
Watch as Matt, Meghann, and health care experts talk chemo brain and share tips for managing it >

Empty your thoughts out on paper
The surprising ways that writing about your transplant journey can help

Brian Aug 2014

Sherri didn’t consider herself a writer, but turned to journaling throughout her son’s journey. For transplant recipient Brianne, writing is in her DNA. But, she didn’t always find that writing about her experience was easy. Years after his wife’s transplant, Brian’s experience with writing took a turn that he never expected.
Are you like one of them? Could you start writing as a way to cope? As Sherry, Brianne and Brian explain, emptying your mind out on paper may be easier than you think. Here they share how they got started writing, what they wrote about and why it helped them, and offer tips to help you get started:

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