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In her own words: Astrid’s journey to gratitude

“At some point, I just said to myself ‘This is my journey, this is my life,’ and decided to open my heart, and heal myself.”

Astrid, transplant recipient

Prior to being sick and having a transplant, I lived each day, each minute, each hour with intention and gratitude. I never took being alive for granted. When I was diagnosed with leukemia, I was shocked. I was told that I only had two weeks to live unless I had a BMT. I was told about the difficulties, the GVHD, and the side effects. I was very concerned about what the quality of my life would be after transplant.
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10 things Doctor Navarro wants you to know about immunosuppressant medicines


Willis Navarro, MD, Medical Director NMDP and Be The Match shares his advice.

If you have just started taking immunosuppressant medicines or if you have been taking them for a while, we’ve heard your questions about staying on track. Find tips to manage this type of medicine and learn how it plays an important role in your recovery.

Know what they do
Recognize which of your many pills are the immunosuppression medications
Create a system that works for you
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