We have captured your recommitment. Thank you!

After several years of being listed on the registry, Jackie (right) was selected as the match for Paizley (left).

Knowing that you’re still a committed Be The Match Registry® member will help us in working with doctors searching for a match for a patient.

New patient searches begin every day, so you could be a match for a patient soon or many years from now, or you may never be identified as a match for someone. The important thing is to understand the donation process and act if you get the call.

In addition to being a committed registry member, you can continue to help save lives in many other ways:

Celebrate, honor or memorialize by making a contribution to the Be The Match Foundation®
Spread the word and let others know you’re a committed registry member by posting a badge on Facebook or sending an eCard
Learn about additional ways to get involved

Thank you for standing ready to donate if called as a match.